Monday, 13 February 2017

Much better week - still HOT though!

I won't go on about it. It's still hot and us runners are all suffering through our sessions and long runs. Hopefully the temps can decrease for upcoming events such as the Orange running festival and Six foot track.

Last week was at least consistent which is a change. 3 good speed sessions, a long run and the other massage runs s a mate called them once.

Mon 6th Feb: 15km at 4:25 pace feeling okay. Calf 100%

Tue 7th: 12km with Rejoov - 1 x 2km effort in 6:20 on a wet sluggish white fence with a float recovery (12:05 for the lap), few mins rest then 2 x 1km hill loops off 2mins rest. 3:10 and 3:17. Finally 6 x 200m hill repeats / jog back down. All in all a great session with variety and almost 50 of us going all over the place. Looked great.

Wed 8th: Easy 10km (all the time I had)

Thur 9th: Hot day so I got out with Robin at midday and ran a descending pyramid on Tantallon oval Lane Cove. Barefoot on half smooth, half rough surface. Robin bolted and ran a more outside line to me (my garmin was showing 400m per lap) so his first 2 reps were pretty impressive in that heat.

2km: 6:24  (Robin probably at least 8 secs quicker with distance adjustment)
1.6km: 5mins even

Then I started evening things up as he slightly faded and I managed to hold pace for the remaining efforts.

1.2km: 4:45
800m 2:30
400m: 67secs.

All with reducing recoveries as we went. It was a solid workout considering the heat.
Total 13km

Fri 10th: 5km Coogee beach with swim

Sat 11th: Met up with Enda at 6am to get our session done before I needed to coach the Rejoov set and before the hottest day of summer launched well and truly.
4km warm up, then 3 x half Monna Fartlek 10min efforts (surge at 5-10km race pace and float at half-marathon pace). 2.92, 2.95 and 2.95km for the 3 of these with Enda not far behind after learning quickly that the floats were to be quick not just a jog. Total 16km

Sun 12th: Striders StAR from Balmoral Beach. Just Charlie Low and myself to start with Ray Wareham appearing early on at the Spit bridge. We ran the very steep hills and staircases conservatively cautious of the heat and distance. I had 2 gels which proved to be advantageous as I didn't suffer as I did the week before. My left toe did however give me some grief which worried me so one to watch there.

Ended up with 29km and 100km for the week.

Some pics from the week's sessions:

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

HOT in the city

Hottest summer since 1896. No that's not it. The most number of 35deg plus days? I can't keep track of the nightly weather record reporting but I do know that it has been pretty damn warm this summer. The real hot days also seem to fall on the exact day that you have been planning an extra hard speed session, or an extra long, long run or even a race. Luckily my recent Knapsack 41km was an exception. If I ran that in conditions similar to last Sunday - 6 laps at best!

So I'm trying to reflect whether I am currently fit, slow or somewhere in between. I have shown a few glimpses of speed of late but a lot of my runs are done pretty slowly it seems lately as I struggle around in the 30+ deg sunshine. Everything feels lethargic, requiring more energy than normal. "Dad can you get me a drink?" "Sorry mate, too far to the fridge and it will just affect my run later."

Maybe not quite that extreme but close. Yesterday morning we had some relief where the rain drizzled on us in the park first thing and the temp hovered around a cooler 24-25deg. And the legs responded well (for a short while anyway). We also had almost 50 people show up to our Rejoov Tues set which on a rainy day is unheard of. The relief it seems is very welcome. Short lived I see as the mercury is expected to shoot over 40deg from Fri to Sun this week.

So here are a few benefits of running in the heat from what I have gleaned from my experience and the net.

1. It can make you more fit. There have been studies that show that training in hot weather increases your fitness level. It’s been compared to altitude training… Your body learns how to work out at a more intense level, so when you are in “normal” conditions, it feels easier. (Note: some research says this only happens if you work out for at least an hour in hot conditions so stay out there folks).

2. It can help make your body more efficient. For runners (long distance in particular), efficiency is what makes us faster. Running in the heat helps make our bodies more efficient, which is always a bonus. Basically, the hot weather requires the body to increase its blood flow. Since it expands its volume, it can pump more blood out to vital organs… this helps make our hearts more efficient (which is why runners have such low heart rates usually).

3. It helps you build your mental fitness. Running in the heat can be really challenging. But one of added benefits is that it can make you mentally tougher. If I can make it through a tough workout when it’s really hot, then you can surely draw on this feeling as you start to feel it during a cool weather race.

4. Heat helps you vary your runs. Instead of running your normal route (under the sun), find a new way to go that may incorporate a swim, some shade, regular bubbler stops and the like. Whatever it is, heat will help you get creative so you can still get your run done without getting sick.

5. You learn how to sweat better. The point of sweating is to regulate your body temperature better. The better you sweat, the cooler you are. So definitely an added bonus that your body becomes more efficient at handling hot weather after training in it.

6. A really good excuse to stand around the water cooler all day telling your workmates how good you are. Ok perhaps you don't necessarily need the heat for this one.

Last week was a bit of a write off. My right calf knot refused to budge early on so I backed off, massaged it and over the course of a few days it disappeared. No need to race off to a physio for an expensive diagnosis. No needles required nor special ointment or a trip to a psychic to ask them about it. Simple rest and active recovery. (I'm certainly not recommending you do not see a health care professional but in the first instance of a niggle, rest is the main ingredient).

Mon Jan 30th: No run day off - limping around after possibly over exerting in yesterday's CP run.
Tue 31st: 10km very easy with the Rejoov squad. Tried to run a 3/4 pace tempo but pulled up short and took up the role assistant coach for the 400m reps.
Wed 1st Feb: 7km very very gingerly
Thur 2nd: 8km at 4:40 pace. Knot starting to shift
Fri 3rd: Morning Rejoov squad cycle which involved some fast half laps. Legs always feel heavy afterwards. PM: 8km again at 4:40 pace. No more pain. Left one slightly flared up. Wow that Knapsack really knocked them around.
Sat 4th: Had already decided not to race Sun Run or Striders 10km so I joined the Rejoov Sat session which was 2 x white fence laps at tempo/threshold pace. First one wasn't too shabby with a 12:08 (average 3:23) lap / 3mins rest / then a good first 1km with new recruit (50yr old Ben) who kept me honest through in 3:19 before we both slowed incrementally in the heat and I ended up with 12:38 for the 2nd lap with Ben 20secs behind. He has enthusiasm and strength that is really paying dividends.'
Total 11km
Sun 5th: Met Renee, Jeet and Eoin at the Striders Rose Bay long run StAR and yep - it was hot yet again. But we headed off on what was supposed to have been 29km. Unfortunately at the time I again steered the crew the wrong way thinking I knew the way and we chopped off a 2-3km Bronte section. It was getting hot already and I remarked that I think they would be thanking me later for that.

We made our way via Bondi Beach, along the coast to Watson's Bay, chopped off another 1-2km section and crawled our way along the inner harbour foreshore (great boardwalk) stopping practically every 200m at a bubbler, tap or fishpond for a drink.  Then arriving back at Lynne Park for 25km hard done. The good part was that we were all in the same boat and were okay with just cruising along as best we could. The splash into the harbour afterwards was well worth it - including the look on Jeet's face just before he made the perilous 1m leap (AKA Tom Highnam style).

Total for the week: 69km which was not too bad considering.

Events coming up / entered already:

* State track 5000m on Feb 18th. Goal time - 15:40. Expected time sub 16
* Striders March 10km - hoping for low to mid 33's at least weather dependent
* Canberra in early April
* UTA 22km Friday 18th May

Rejoov is well a truly gearing up for a great winter ANSW season with our men's team including:

Tom H, Barts, Jeet, Scotty O, Eoin, myself, Matt Wacher and Jesse (our new Rejoov young gun)

The women need some more recruits with Greta, Erika, Jenny Doak and Maya the four so far.

Let us know if keen. I'm also planning a NOOSA run camp during winter so stay tuned for this one.


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Gone Loopy

It's quite amazing how quick a week goes by. I was planning to write this last Sunday and suddenly it's Wed. Time flies if you load yourself up. Jaden even starts school today which should be interesting. He won't tell us how is best start assessment went yesterday outside of "it was hard" and I doubt it involved him running around headbutting stuff, catching balls, booting them at windows and sword fighting anyone within range with anything he could pickup that resembled a sword.

My last week of running revolved around the Knapsack 3hr solo race I competed in on Australia Day. Run over 5.1km technical and mostly single file trail in Glenbrook, this event is simple. Run the furthest distance and you'll win it.

The idea is that if you hit the finish line in any time under 3hrs, you can head off for another lap. My pre-race goal was to try and get to an 8th lap so 7laps by 2:59:59. On the line was Mike Litchwark but no Tony Fattorini. Apparently he missed the entry deadline I hear. Good news for me but Mike was always going to be a tough opponent. I casually asked him at the start whether he had done the HuRTs very hot session 2days previous and he said he had and too hard. I empathised a little before the gun went and I took off, immediately racing with all the team and pairs runners.

Yep out hard yet again but this time in an event I had not trained for and had decided to enter reasonably late in the piece. But I felt great. Rested and with a voltaren or two working their magic, my legs felt fresh and I went with it.

The course loops around the bush and offers everything. Rocky drops that need to be carefully negotiated, short sharp climbs involving careful foot manoeuvres, a ridge line that provides a vista of stunning Penrith (and beyond), and then some really fun single tracks that drop and ascend by the minute until you pop back out onto Knapsack Oval again and start your next lap.

First lap was just under 22mins, 2nd lap roughly the same. Feeling great and with the goal of getting through 4 laps strongly, open up a decent lead and then simply hang on. Not a technical plan but I went with it.


Joining me at the race was Craig (sweaty) Wiseman, Jac (Corky) O'Connor, James (Taffy) Matthews and Neil (insert many options) Pearson. Jac and Taffy also doing the 3hr solo with Craig and Neil the 3hrs pairs. With the Rejoov Marquee and food station setup on the course transition area, we were all set for a great event. But wow did it go by really quickly.

And this is where I do enjoy the loop courses. Despite the concentration needed, I could all but switch off, get into a lap course trance and as such, they became shorter mentally. Before I knew it, the 4km signage came into view each time and I was almost done with another lap.

By the 6th lap, I was starting to feel it and by the 7th lap, I started to fade. The first 4laps were done in 88mins so I was on for a shot at getting a 9th lap done if I could get through the next 4laps in 91mins ish. But as the next few laps evolved, I quickly realised that the pace was dropping and I would miss the cutoff. I needed to be through 7 laps in 2:38 at the very latest but my time was 2:43 so 5mins outside. I wasn't too upset to be honest. The decision was made for me and I enjoyed the final 8th lap and crossed in 3:07 / 41km to win the event.

We were quite lucky with some cooler weather and the event really is well organised. I doubt I'll be up for the 6hr version next year but we'll see if things pan out, I may return for another shot at 9laps.

So the week that was before and after didn't really consist of much substance outside of casual easy paced runs.

Mon 23rd Jan: Easy 10km (4:40 pace)
Tue 24th: 10km as per above
Wed 25th: 8km as per above
Thur 26th: 41km
Fri 27th: No run
Sat 28th: 11km with the group
Sun 29th: 15.5km in the morning with the Hurts guys. Absolutely stuffed so stopped short of my 20km. But being the obsessed runner I am, I ran the 4.5km on the local oval later in the day.

100km for the week.

Nothing much on the observations and opinions front this week. I'll leave you with this from a stubby holder I used at my brother's place whilst watching that great 5 set match up between Fed and Rafa.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Yes we are most definitely racing!

This off the back of my recent blog where I posted a few funny running related pics, one of which advised that if you are running next to me on the treadmill, "oh yes we are racing each other". Well a similar situation occasionally happens in Centennial Park and it happened to me again yesterday. I'm jogging along enjoying an easy run before this Thursday's Knapsack 3hr trail race, averaging approx. 4:40 pace when BAM - there he was out of no where.

I'm not sure where this bloke came from exactly but before I knew it he was running parallel to me approx. 5metres away and man did it get pretty awkward quickly. Or perhaps he didn't care but I was thinking, "c'mon someone has to give. We're not a pair of frickin synchronised joggers here". So I lifted the pace to 4:30 and he slotted in behind but the sound of his foot strikes were still close as I heard him lifting as well. "Shit, damn this white fence. It's too bloody popular these days" so up went the pace again and his panting also grew. This mind you is happening over the space of 500m so far. "seriously? I'm tapering here mate. Just let me win" and there in all it's glory was the underlying problem. I just wanted to beat him.

Many of my mates over the years have commented quite strongly at times that all they want to do is beat CT. I could never understand it. Sure its demoralising for Barts to lose every game of ping pong he plays me at but it's just a game. I know I am competitive in nature having come from a family of 5 older brothers (one younger sister) so the drive to keep up and excel was always there. Back yard cricket, tennis you name it. My very first City to Surf at age 9 started with me holding my 16yr old brother Rob's hand for 200m before running off and beating him (he was sick I should say).

So to turn the spotlight on myself, I should have just made way, supported his running journey and wished him all the best for a solid year's training.

Yeah right! See you at the next Striders 10km mate.

Then there's the cycling culture in the park. Everyone is barking orders at everyone else inside and outside their group. Someone comes past a pack by themselves, and the murmur throughout the group can be heard as everyone realises that they are not actually riding that fast after all. I blame the lycra. it gives a false sense of ability with some people. It's even harder to have an easy solo ride in the park than an easy run. As soon as you ride past anyone. Well anyone without a basket and spokey dokeys, the race is on whether you are a willing participant or not.

Funny though. It seems to also happen a bit in general day to day life. When you're walking along the footpath and someone steps off a bus or out from a shop and you find yourself matched perfectly in stride length, cadence and focus. Each wondering who will prevail as oncoming pedestrians get closer....... Then there's the whole driving on Sydney roads example. Enough said.

And so it goes. A daily race with complete strangers and sometimes just one sided because I have alone built it up as such. Sometimes this mindset overtakes me. When I'm filling the car up, and I see the cash register queue is empty, I watch the others around me filling up, and I prepare to quickly holster the pump and race them to pay first just so I don't have to stand in line listening to the guy offering them 2for1 chocolates and asking for that complete waste of time fly buys program card!!

Soooooo anyhoo, I'm off to do the Knapsack 3hr solo race this Thurs and I will be up against Mikey Litchwark and Tony "fats" Fattorini amongst others no doubt. These two are shaping up well for 6ft track and Mike is in good form over the short stuff as well. It will come down to who wants to put it on the line in this 'training' race and who can limit the downtime after each 5km lap. I am hoping to get to the 8th lap before the 3hr cutoff. This will enable me to roll around an 8th lap at whatever pace if I'm way behind the others or else fight it out for a close finish. We shall see. Weather looks good.

Last week looked like this:

Mon 16th Jan: Easy 15km in the park
Tue 17th: 12km Rejoov Runners session with 3 x 2.6km hill laps at 3:35 pace
Wed 18th: 18km easy to steady (4:20-30)
Thur 19th: AM 13km Rejoov Runners session 4 x 1km efforts through the middle "dickens drive" road from the stone bridge to the top of the small hill at the white fence. Off 5min cycles with a return effort. My two outs (up at the end) were 3:08 with the two return 1km reps were 3:01. Felt pretty strong. Stuffed but strong. Then 4 x 600m reps but these were on very tired legs by now so 1:50 was all that could be managed. Great session from everyone especially the new guys Gidon and Jesse. PM: 5km easy
Fri 20th: 7km slow
Sat 21st: Curl Curl Park run. Legs a bit fatigued, some nice white wine the night before but I drove down trying to wake up. Got there early-ish (6:20am) and not a trace of anyone or anything. 4-5km warm up, run throughs then saw Mike L again (we seem to be following one another around the traps), Toby H (who beat me at JP Morgan in the dying moments) and a few others. So with the starting signal, I decided to try something completely not new to me - go out hard and try and hang on. The plan was to try for sub 16mins so through 1km in 3:04, 2km in 6:15 I was going ok. Then I slowed a bit for 3km - 9:32 before a slight fade but not enough for Mike to catch me. Ended with 16:10 and Mike 16:28. Total 12km
Sun 22nd: 18km easy around the park before racing out to Homebush to complete my Level 2 running accreditation with Athletics Aust. Greta and I are now even more qualified to tell you all to get out there and run very hard when we say to, and rest when we advise to. Simple really.

Total for the week: 100km (still not enough but enjoying it at least).

We signed up to a home delivery dinner service called Marley Spoon. They send the ingredients and the recipe and you simply make it. Ok so mine wasn't exactly the same but it tasted really really good. Average price per night's dinner for the 3 of us - $23 and without the whole shopping hassles.

Final thought of the week:

At which point exactly does a BUSHWALK become a HIKE and a hike become a TREK? Is it the gear involved? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Tom Highnam prevails

It appears as though I have forgotten something. I woke up on Monday morning at 4am in a sweat trying to work out if I had run the previous Friday. I went to the little blackboard that technically displays my daily runs and nothing was showing. I dug deep into the memory banks and ran through the week that was.

Cycling cycling and more cycling on Friday morning - a full 30km worth with hills and I knew I would be stuffed for the Sat session. Then work, dropping a colleague at the airport and finally entering the house boldly announcing - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO that I would not be running as I needed a rest.

All I can say is thank god Tom & I didn't have an official bet on this year.

So there goes one of my new year's resolutions. Still got time to write a book I suppose. Probably more achievable these days than running everyday of the year. Well done Tom. Your first streak win!

Quick one today as I have nothing really to complain about besides people trying to upsell me on anything and everything I call them about. "what? You want to cancel your drama package on Foxtel? Ok so what else do you like watching because we have a special on the foreign porn channel right now." "no thanks just downgrade me." "How bout showcase?" How about I cancel the whole damn thing and keep watching Netflix which is much better value?" "ok sir no problem, I'll just go ahead and change that for you."

Then there's the whole shared data thing with Optus. We seem to be saving whilst spending oh so much more - where's the logic there. Bloody Jaden and his addiction to Netflix. Yep -  ironic considering my last point.

Ordering a pizza, getting your car washed and so it goes on.

Luckily there are some things they haven't decided to use this propensity to upsell on. A few examples such as:

"just an adult and child for the pool please" "oh ok, will you be using the 25m pool today because we have a special on the 50m pool and diving tower if you want to upgrade."

"I'd like to enter the half marathon please" "I tell you what, for an extra $10 I'll just go ahead and slot you into the 100km trail event. How's that sound? Bargain yeah?"

If only. Speaking of trails - I have entered the Knapsack 3hr solo run for Aust Day which sees us looping 5km trail laps for as many as we can over the course of 3hrs. Get to the finish at 2:59, you are allowed to head out for another lap. I have no chance of getting near Dave Byrne's record of 9 laps in 3:10 or there abouts but it should be fun with a crew of HuRTs up there competing also.

The end of last week looked like this:

Wed 11th: 13km easy (hot)
Thur 12th: 14km - 400m lap pyramid 1/2/3/4/3/2/1 lappers. Tough but averaged 75secs per lap on most.
Fri 13th: F#@K
Sat 14th: 13km Monna F. Very humid and steamy. Legs stuffed from the cycle. Rolled around as fast as I could but struggled the last 5mins to record 5.75km for the 20mins.
Sun 15th: Much better and stronger long run - 30km Striders ten bridges StAR with Timmy, Eoin, Renaud and a few others which made for a great pack. I counted at least 14-15 bridges so not sure what's going on there. Timmy fighting fatigue in the back half but managed to finish it off. Rendog and Eoin cutting short again but seemingly still happy with themselves despite this.

Total for the week - 100km on the knocker.

This week so far:

Mon 16th: 15km Manly and surrounds in the cool breeze (sort of)
Tue: 17th: 12km - 7.8km tempo including Loch Ave hill in the park (that long hill that goes up to the moonlight cinema). Hot and muggy again and having to slow / stop briefly to let the damn cyclists past. Managed an average still of just over 3:30 for this. Special mention to Enda who got his 4 x 4km mara tempo done in those conditions. Should keep him in good stead for the expected 5deg Tokyo weather ha!

Till next time:


Fun afternoon on Sunday BBQíng and tasting the delights of Wayward brewery in Camperdown with my brother Rob and his wife Myf.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Functioning runner-holic

Yes that's right, this is my first meeting, my name is Chris and I am a functioning runnerholic. Ok just indulge me with this for just a minute.

Do any of these situations ring a bell?

1) You have meetings back to back all day long with people wanting to schedule more in but you flatly refuse as you need to get your run done at lunch.

2) You have a dinner to go to straight from work but somehow manage to cram a flat chat 8km run in followed by a 20sec shower just because you won't enjoy the dinner as much if you don't.

3) You are in Bora Bora in an over water bungalow watching the sunrise and sipping tea but somehow all you can think of is "I wonder where the hell I am going to run today" instead.

4) Kids are screaming, it's pouring down outside, the day is wearing on and you are starting to sweat with anxiety because you see your small window of running opportunity getting even smaller.

5) You have the whole day to yourself at home on the couch with absolutely nothing to do and no one to be there for. But wait - who am I going to run with, how far, what pace, is that a niggle, no it's fine I'll just start jogging, yep best get out there right now - and so it goes on.

To use star wars as an analogy, I see running as an example of THE FORCE. When the force is running strongly through me, I can hit all my weekly mileage targets, nail the sessions, eat well, drink less and generally feel great. The dark side of the force presents in the form of junk food, alcohol, holidays, Christmas functions, birthdays, weddings, work commitments, family commitments and basically everything else in life that doesn't involve running really. (well maybe except for one thing)

So as you sit here reading this and no doubt relating to some of it, spare a thought for those that are injured at the moment and can't run. You're lucky if you can physically get out there so if it dominates your daily thoughts right up until that moment you're actually out there running, I say that's a good thing - go with it.

See further down for some funny obsessed running pics.

My last week or so has been pretty good training wise. Even managed to knock 5secs off my Kamay park run record. Still a little slow for what I am after but that last km bites.

Last week finished off at 127km for the week.

Wed 4th: 16km
Thur 5th: AM: 14km with 6km of hilly tempo in Queens Park.    PM: 6km easy
Fri 6th: 13km in the park
Sat 7th: Kamay Park run - 16:26. Splits were 3.08, 6.20, 9.38, 13.02, 16.26. Gotta work on that strength to close it out from 3km. Total 13km. PM: 7km slow coast
Sun 8th: 27km with the Striders which was a good change. Timmy, Jac, Eoin, Charlie L, Rendog plus Chris Jackson and Keith Hong made for a great 6.30am group. We still got lost along the way but the pace was easy and we finished with a dip in the harbour.
127km total

This week I have been office bound so far so it has been hard to get out for the mileage needed. Yep I can hear you all laughing at me with this.

Mon 9th: AM: 10km slow  PM: 7km even slower
Tue 10th: 7km CP tempo - felt great and ran this multi loop (with 600m hill) course in 24mins (3.25 average). Total 13km
Wed 11th: AM: easy 7km (legs sore), PM: 6km (ran out of time)
Thur 12th: 14km with a pyramid on a grass 400m oval: 1 lap, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 lap = 16 laps in total. Averaged approx. 75 - 77secs per lap for all efforts with the last 400m in 71secs. Pretty stuffed afterwards.
Only 57km so far this week and it's a heatwave so perhaps 110km will be on the cards instead of 130.

In other news, Rejoov runners is starting to sign up some big names for the 2017 ANSW season. Stay tuned for more announcements but if you are interested in switching from another club or having a go at these type of events, let me know.

Here's a few pics / grabs relating to my above stated running affliction.

Runner Problems

Running Humor | Funny Running Pictures, Videos, Shirts, Jokes

Thursday, 5 January 2017

I wonder what's behind door number 2017

As quickly as 2016 left us, 2017 arrived in style. Greta, Jaden and I were lucky enough to be invited to a house party in Vaucluse with uninterrupted views of the 9pm and midnight fireworks. Jaden was last man standing as he bounced around the couches (Tom Cruise style) in the first few minutes of the new year. I wish I had his energy (we did pay for it the next day of course).

So my first post is to talk goals, resolutions, and the blog.

Here's a little list I just whipped up whilst out running a slow 6km along the coast.

* Run every day of the year until Tom takes a day off first
* Beat Barts in every single game of Table tennis I play him at
* Find something Quentin is no good at - then beat him at it
* Balance the scales a bit by introducing Hoey to the wonderful world of beer
* Take up Yoga (carry that one over from last year)
* Write a book on anything
* Run sub 3hrs in the Bordeaux marathon whilst stopping at all 23 "drink" stops
* Get my Bronze medallion (does this involve swimming?)
* Keep up my 22yr sub 50min streak and place top 30 again in the City to Surf
* Nail another Red Centre run camp at Easter
* Not get kicked off the HuRTs what's app chat more times than Craig Wiseman

Anyway that's enough to start. Yep a few tough ones in there. Who knows if Barts is already in training to quash that one. And based on historical posts, Craig really will make it easy for me to score a point with that last one. With regards to the whole yoga thing, I think I'll You Tube an intro yoga clip and that will get me going. I actually stretched yesterday and my legs felt pretty good today. Fancy that.

I know the plan last year was to drink less so let's address this one. So far this year the drinks days and run days are on even keel 5-5. BUT in my own defence the amount is coming down (drinks not mileage). A cheeky beer here, a glass of wine there. It helps me sit and contemplate the world around me, absorb Jaden's energy levels and think about what to write in my blog each week so on that, I am looking in part, to add in a regular CT'S OBSERVATIONS & OPINIONS segment.

Seinfeld nailed it. We know this. His observations are forever priceless and I could never hope to replicate but I do notice a lot with people, their behaviour and just general situations that pretty much amuse, fascinate or annoy the hell out of me.

Take for instance: Space Wars (angry emoji, frustrated emoji)

It happens on the footpath in Centennial Park, even now inside the white fence. It happens walking down the street in the CBD, the supermarket and so on. People as a collective are absolutely oblivious when it comes to their spacial surroundings. You may notice it when 2 people exit a shop or bus side by side and somehow manage to get the radius of area covered vs the speed of that slow moving mass just perfect enough to completely piss me off as I am blocked from passing. Or on an escalator when the whole stretch has moved left bar one bleep bleep bleep. Now it's probably at this point where you're saying to yourself, CT sounds like an angry man. Actually not really. Brought up on a mixture of courtesy, awareness and being polite, all I want really is for everyone to just get out of my way wherever possible. And let's not even start with driving. Another day.  

I have long noticed an assumed hierarchy of allowing space for oncoming people / obstacles in the park. It would seem that he or she that is moving the slowest does not need to give way at all. Take the local mafia brigades for example. Three to four  60+ yr old men lined up across the path walking along at 6am in the morning no doubt discussing how their fruit shop is outperforming the others. No inkling of moving over to the left unless you call them on it. My go to manoeuvre is to simply stop infront of the one farthest to my left and politely ask "so what do we do now?" This usually creates the right amount of awkwardness and they dutifully move to the left.

So the walker seems to think they have right of way to the jogger / the jogger thinks they have right of way to the speedy runner / and on the occasion the speedy runner thinks they have right of way to the cyclist and so on up to the cars / the event trucks and I suppose the rangers!

But then so enters the meandering, defecating horse. This strange creature refuses to be bound by any of the above mentioned made up rules. They will slowly cross whatever road they wish, crap anywhere Birchy or Enda have run over and simply take all the time in the world getting around in THEIR park. They do not yell out at the top of their voices "HORSES RIGHT" & "OVER" nor do they pull in for a latte after a few jumps in the equestrian field. These troopers don't change allegiances with each new season, complain about ITB issues or need $10k worth of gear to do their 4km lap of the park. They surely are the rightful owners of the Centennial Park Space Race.

So the moral of the story if you have in fact made it this far (thx Tom - knew I could count on you).

I am here to endorse but in no way enforce, a CP spacial code for all.
No matter your source, or your strong willed force,
Despite any remorse or impending divorce,
We all in due-course will give way to the horse.

Yes yes yes I know. It's a weird start to the 2017 blog campaign but what the hell. I'm on the Pinot Gris with a few days left of annual leave so having some fun.

I would be interested if I have missed the mark or you are keen to see this blog continue along these lines in the year to come.

Oh and for those actually interested in my week so far:

Mon 2nd Jan: 20km across 2 runs easy
Tue 3rd: 3 x 2km reps up in Woy Woy. Hard going myself and especially with 2 of them into the wind but as follows: 6:30 into the wind, 6:28 with the wind, 6:48 into the wind. Yep wheels on the bus fell off there. Total 11km.
Wed 4th: 16km steady in the park (hot and humid for a change)
Thur 5th: Rejoov 4pines fartlek. Yep I wish - sponsored session by a brewery but alas no - we simply ran around a loop in Queens Park that encompassed 4 pine trees. Took it a bit easier just bolting the hill each lap. Big race this Sat coming up. PM: 6km easy coast run

PS: Happy birthday Desi. Bounced back from her cancer defeat in spectacular style and looking as amazing as the first day I met her (circa 1992). Good running this morning matey.


Disclaimer: if you are at all offended by anything written above, please proceed directly to the nearest Dan Murphy's and buy whatever you can fit into one of those small trolleys they give you. Then wheel it down to the local park and use said items to take a serious look at yourself.