Friday, 19 August 2016

City to Surf

Every year we all line up on William St yet again wondering where the heck that last year just went but also hopeful of a positive 14km experience to come. It's an interesting 10-20mins. As a seeded (and preferred) runner, we used to enjoy the last minute line up that would see us actually staying warm and ready for the start. Now days we are unfortunately herded in over 20mins prior to the start and all the warming up in the world goes straight out the window as we stand in the cool morning air listening to a police woman belt out the anthem.

Granted, she can sing but she could do it whilst we exercise our customary right to show-off infront of the masses as we sprint from side to side pretending we will be the winner. The eventual winner, Harry Summers was granted this allowance last Sunday which I was happy to see. To go from nothing to 41:54 is not ideal. But he was able to step in alongside me with minutes to spare. I simply told him "today's the day mate, get it done", and boy did he.

But the City to Surf is our iconic sporting emblem open to absolutely everyone. The organisation gets it right, the media aspect seems to have dropped off but the vibe is still there. This was my 31st race and it seemed like yesterday as I looked at the red pack all lined up, that I used to arrive on the start line at 7:15-30am as they were closing the road for the 10am start. For 2.5hrs as a 13-17yr old,  I would sit on a crate or newspaper getting to know people around me (a lot of characters) and as such being able to jump out and warm up then back in.

Reidy grabbed me for some C2S insights                   Bec, Simon and Greta

I love everything about the City to Surf apart from the running aspect. Don't take this the wrong way but it really is a hard course that unless you have trained your arse off for months as if it were a marathon you were doing, does catch you out somewhere along the way. It's kind of fun in a brutal kind of way really. Lactic at the bottom of the first hill (200m in), stuffed by 1km (middle of the Kings Cross tunnel), blown by the top of Edgecliff, recovered by Rose Bay and pretty much struggling the rest of the way.

My race was mixed. I have been sick as you all know. I am better now and I proved this the Sunday prior by racing a little too hard at the CP 50km teams event. But that also gave me the confidence to have a crack at this year's C2S. And I did. 16:10 at the 5km mark set us up for a great time. I was with Robin Vonk whom I coach and haven't beaten for 3-4 races. We were passing Barts at the time who was struck down with an infection that week (still counts as a win BTW mate) and trailing Nick Roberts, then Quentin just ahead of him and Tom a little further ahead. Tom especially launched out of the barrier and never looked backed.

Heartbreak hill came and after telling all our Rejoov Runners to hang onto anyone you can and climb it, I had to practice what I preached so digging in, I tacked onto Nick's group (also consisted of Kev Robertson, Chadi and a few others). It worked. Although I was stuffed, I made it up in ok time (5:54 king of the mountain). The next few kms were about consolidation but the damage was done over last year's time as we went through 10km in 33:50 (35secs down on 2015).

Then another guy started to pass me and I had a second win so I lifted and managed to break Robin. We even started catching a few ahead such as Robbie Neil. Lingering behind was my current rival Neil Pearson who was struggling to hang onto a fast finishing Hoey. We hit 13km and I was well clear and ready to get this done. The new course sees the course turning back on itself at 13.5km and racing back down to Nth Bondi before a right hand turn and a short sprint finish. I could see Hoey coming so I surged again. Exactly why I like this finish better.

And finally I finished in 28th place in 46:40 which was 34secs down on last year. All in all - happy. Knocked off Robin, Hoey and Neil so all good there and kept my seeded start.

Rejoov had a huge presence at the event. Over 60 people were there to try and break that 60min, 70min and beyond barrier with a lot of success stories to complement the hard luck ones. Special mentions go to a few of those we coach (too many to name everyone sorry):

- Bruce Lambert for smashing his PB and breaking 50mins for the first time: 49:30
- Himanshu Dua (ICG sponsor of Rejoov) for a 40secs PB
- Elle Goldrick & Beck Munro for huge PBs to score a low 55min time each. Awesome.
- Simon Rabglati for a massive PB 51:40
- Our mate Toni who was a late inclusion to walk/jog the event. She had never done anything like this before but finished in 1:59 which was fantastic.

And the list really does go on. We teamed up with the Love Mercy guys to host a post race get together at our marquee in the run club area right alongside the finish shute. What a great couple of hours as we drank champagne, feasted on bakery treats and chatted with the Striders, JORG (including the winner Harry) and ourselves.

 Watching Ben race the Olympic 10 000m

Then it was off to the Allens beachside tent (Tom Highnam hosted) where we drank beers and chatted more about who succeeded and who failed. The discussion was a little more raw at this tent.

So this makes 22 years in a row with a sub 50min result. This is a streak worth pursuing over the next decade. Well done to everyone who ran well or just ran for fun.

The week that was mileage wise wasn't that memorable but hey, who cares. All about the C2S.

Mon: 7km easy
Tue: 5km easy
Wed: 10km easy
Thur: 10km with 6 x 1min on/offs
Fri: 5km easy
Sat: 6km easy back from Bondi after setting everything up
Sun: 18km total
Total: 61km

Monday, 8 August 2016

CP Ultra builds confidence

Increased the mileage this week as I ponder what Melbourne may look like if I don't. It may also be Olympic fever - who knows.

Mon Aug 1st: AM: 9km with Rejoov client Melissa who is running very well.
PM: 12km easy CP - 4:30 pace.  Total for the day 21km

Tue 2nd: AM: 6km Coastal jog PM: Met up with Deano and Reidy(sort of) for a session in the park. 2 continuous laps of 3.2km featuring the long hill from the middle Charles Dickens statue right to the top of the Woollahra gates. First time around the hill felt easy and I smacked out a 4min climb on the dot and a 11:30min lap after starting easy. The 2nd lap I started the lap a lot harder so I could try and simulate running heartbreak hill on lactic tired legs and yep, it hurt. 4mins 20 for the hill but 11mins for the lap. Great session and even better to be able to run it with long time mate Dean Degan who is still rolling around very well. Total for the day 21km

Wed 3rd: Drive to Port Macquarie for work and the weather is absolutely atrocious. Cyclonic winds and heavy rain showers made for an ordinary 15km run along the coast. This would normally be an awesome run I imagine. 1hr and who knows how many minutes in the end. Can't remember.

Thur 4th: AM: Very sluggish 5km around Port Mac fisherman's wharf reminiscing about visiting a particular resort as a 6-7yr old. My younger sister and I were on a paddle boat when suddenly I thought I saw a shark near us. It was actually a dolphin but the damage had been done. I remember those few minutes paddling my arse off to get Jenny back to shore where she bolted to mum and dad in tears quite quickly. Anyway, that was my morning memory today.
PM: Landed in Newcastle for the night and decided to do the Newy park run course which was only 2km away. This is the first ever Aussie park run and normally I could imagine it would be fast. But to try and pump myself up on a very very windy wet day was hard. The middle 2km is also run on that sparse pebbly type footpath surface and as such a bit slippery under foot. Excuses aside and a 3:01 first km (wind assisted) aside, I ended up with 16:29. The headwind just nailed me. Total 12km

Fri 5th: PM: Coastal run back in Coogee 7km easy. Feeling pretty good.

Sat 6th: PM: 10km loop around Randwick / Maroubra. Legs feeling fresh and my sickness seems like it has all but gone. Kitchen / Laundry reno is almost finished. Looking good but 3 weeks is along time to cook out of the sunroom.

Sun 7th: Centennial Park (CP) Ultra day and although it consistently ends up being staged a week before city to surf, it does look like it is growing. I think the teams aspect is the attractive option as people save themselves for the C2S. That's what Neil Pearson and I did as we lined up for the 50km pairs team event. Upon arrival we were told that we had some pretty serious competition which was actually really good to hear. Brendan Davies and his assistant coach who had easily won the Aust Day Knapsack relay were back to defend their 3:10 from 2015. Andy Heyden and Gary Mullins also lined up in the event but Neil and I had our plan and were pumped to break the 3hr mark.

All 3 teams had a different approach at first. We decided to run the event 2 laps at a time changeover and finish with a single lap making for 14laps total (7 each). Brendan's team ran the whole event as one lap on, one lap off and the Heyden/Mullins team split the load as I had done last year with Laura and ran 25km straight up one after the other. This approach would always be too hard for those boys to be in the mix for the win but they are both running really well and would end up not that far back in the end.

Neil started us off with 2 laps and the additional 440m at the start (needed to get the full 50km). He came in at a solid 26mins for the 7.5km but he was toe to toe with Brendan who had caught the deficit Neil had created over their first runner. So immediately I fired up and took off as though 2 laps was all I would run that day. I ran a 11:50 first lap followed by a 12:20 to do 24:10 total and provide us with just on a minute lead. Not comfortable enough though.

We then completed another 2 lap effort each (my time was 24:55 for this one) before changing tact and switching to the one lap on, one lap off strategy as per Brendan's race plan. This proved successful as I dropped a 12min flat single lap followed by 12:30 and 12:35 with Neil running his between 12:30 and 13mins. This enabled us to open the lead right up and finish well in 2hr 56mins with 2nd coming in 4mins back. I ran 86:10 for my 24.8km of the 50km.


The 50km solo winner - Dion ran a very solid 3:07 just 11mins back with Andy and Gary following him in for their 3rd place teams place. HuRTs regular Luca Turrini took out the 100km solo in a very credible time of 7hr 55mins. Well done to him for a top solo job from the start.

Greta also lined up with fellow Rejoov Runner Steve Bell to fill in for a sick Stu and injured Juny with them also splitting duties 22km to 28km. They ended up with just on 4hrs and we are still to ascertain whether they came in the top 3 mixed teams.


So a great confidence booster for next Sunday so long as I can recover ok. Looking forward to my 31st City to Surf and hopefully anywhere under 46:30 as an A target.

Goodluck if you're doing it.


Thursday, 4 August 2016

City to Surf is approaching

Already it's Thursday and I had every intention of updating my blog last Sunday but definitely by Monday. That's what happens when you're renovating your kitchen and laundry, trying to train hard, working and so on.

Anyway, things are starting to look up training wise. The highlight of the week was a solid long run with the Northern beaches guys on Sat.

Mon July 25th: My birthday and a pretty quiet day. Somebody's head was a little groggy and sore after falling off the scooter the night before. Got home and trotted around for a token 5km. Reap what you sow I suppose.

Tue 26th: HuRTs session: 16km with 10 x 350m hill surges. Felt a little better but not fantastic. Good to do it with Quentin, Fats, Jerome and see all my guys and girls out there pushing hard up the hill Even JC post Hawaii was gunning well.

Wed 27th: 18km with Neil around the Bay run, Gladesville bridge. This went really quickly and it was good to have someone to run with on a wed for a change.

Thur 28th: AM: 6km coogee coast jog  PM: 11km with 3 x 2km efforts in CP by myself. Still feeling off so I just did 3 off 9min cycles. 6:22, 6:23 and 6:28. They felt a lot harder than they should have but perhaps I'm being too hard on myself. On the ground afterwards for a minute or so.

Fri 29th: Easy recovery 7km

Sat 30th: Long run with Barts, Tom, Quentin, Scotty, Robin, Macca, Ben and Craig McCredie. I heard it was going to be a fast finish and immediately became nervous so tactically I parked 4km up the course and ran to the start beforehand. This gave me less of a fast finish than the 9-10km the guys normally do. We averaged around the 4:25 mark as we made our way towards Narra lake. I felt great and was psyching myself up for the fast finish.

Then as we hit the area where it ramps up, Barts disappeared into the toilets and we all took off. Sorry Barts. That's what happens when you smash me by 2mins at the GC half. McCredie and Macca took off quite hard and I trailed with Robin and Tom for a km or so before taking it up a notch up a hill and past Macca and McC. I felt really good. It may have been the gels or the multidextram stuff Barts recommended but I just had the energy and strength to run on so I increased pace and managed a few sub 3:30's all the way back to my car and 30km. Very very happy with the run today for the first time since GC half (even though I WAS 2mins behind Barts up there). Easy 1km to and from the café. Yep that's right - I'm including this!

Sun 31st: Easy 12km coastal run at 4:30's. Legs okay which is a good sign. Still coughing up crap though. Will this cold ever leave me???

106km for the week. Monday and Tuesday let me down here.

Shout out to a few results from my squad of late:

1) Sonya coming 2nd in the Rafferty's trail run (roughly 30km). Sets her up nicely for the Coastal Classic which I am now joining her in.

2) Brucey Lambert for his win last week in the very hilly Roseville Chase 10km fun run. He is on fire at the moment and will no doubt do a PB at the C2S.

And to all our Rejoov runners who continue to travel the globe training and racing, well done guys.


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Comeback week of sorts

I'm now approaching 7 weeks of being sick and with the exception of a solid Gold Coast half result, it has been a period I'd best forget running wise. PB though with regards to length of sickness so I suppose that's something. Added to that this week was a slight bout of mild concussion. See below for the stupidity award update.

Mon 18th July: AM: Easy 6km jog with rejoov client
PM: 13km steady (4:20's is what I am calling steady these days)

Tue 19th: 2 x 20mins hurts session - run as 10mins @3:50's and 10mins @3:25-30's with a 3min walk break between. Feeling light headed and could not have done the full 2 x 20 at 3:20's like last time I did this. Total 19km

Wed 20th: AM: 6km again with Rejoov client
PM: Easy 12km (4:35-40's)

Thur 21st: AM: Coogee coast jog
PM: 11km at 3:55's up at Woy Woy visiting Dad. Wasn't up for a full session.

Fri 22nd: 8km around to Pearl Beach from Umina return. Wanted more but time restricted.

Sat 23rd: 15km around the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley / Lovedale area with Greta, Stu and Ben Webster. Great to roll along and chat.

 Great place for kids.

Sun 24th: Hunter Valley Half marathon / long run. Entered this as a way to force myself to do a long run the morning after what would be a relaxing day of wine tasting. Started off at 3:40's straight up a hill feeling like absolute shite. 4deg, slightly dusty, slightly sick still and a fresh looking young bloke alongside me. Well he pushed on rather well and finished in a cracking time on that course of 72mins. The course went up for 1km, down a bit then up this massive steep hill to Audrey Wilkinson Winery. The view granted was excellent but the journey this time alas was not better than the destination. I had backed right off by then and just settled into running a 4min pace tempo the whole way. I finished with 81:46 and 4th but happy to have done 25km in total on this freezing cold morning. Well done to Stu Cassie for a solid 1:42, Greta for her 4th place also in another tempo long run time of 90mins and to Char, Jen, Ben, Sonya and Himanshu for some good runs in the 10km a little later in the morning (but nowhere closer to being warmer).

Total for the week 123km which I was quite happy with. Was shooting for 130km but missed it with Friday and Sunday being short.

Post race celebrations were fun with a tasting platter / wine lunch at Muse restaurant - Hungerford Hill then onto Roche Estate for drinks with the Balmoral tri guys then back to the Crowne Bar and finally culminating with me trying to show everyone how good I was on Jaden's scooter. Well let's just say it didn't go so well and I landed on my left hip and banged the side of my head on the road. I jumped straight back up brushing it all off rather embarrassed but over the subsequent couple of days I'm quite sure (according to Dr Google) I had mild concussion.

I tell everyone that most running injuries happen through stupidity so being a coach I have to lead by example I suppose. Not going to do again mind you but at least I haven't been taken out of running as a result. Just a bruised hip, sore head and even sorer ego.

Mon 25th July: My Birthday and it was a very low key day. Greta still not happy with my antics ensured for a quiet trip home. Only managed 5km in the afternoon before having to rest again.

     Andy Heyden won the marathon in under 3hrs breaking away at the 400m mark and never looking back.

Char Cassie (BENEFIT nutrition) finishing strong

 Well done to Stu, Mel and Greta

    So far so good.

  Uh oh, who gave me these and forced me to drink them??

Further south, Rejoov Runners took out the Sutherland to Surf teams event which was our first major win, well done guys. We also managed to raise more funds for charity (Love Mercy) than any other team also so a massive morning for the gang. Big congrats to Adam Ballesty for organising the charity side of things in conjunction with Gret.

And congrats to Maya for her PB in the Melb half as well. Hope to celebrated hard also but just without the falling off the scooter bit.

Beer tip of the week: Whatever you do, don't drink beer after wine and muscat and then scooter.

Monday, 18 July 2016

I've Gone VIRAL

It's been over two weeks since my last entry where the Gold Coast half went reasonably well to plan. Unfortunately since then my virus has again descended putting me out of any sort of proper training. At first I enjoyed the recovery from the half but after a week, I had had enough and even now I find myself still coughing up and blowing out crap. Let's hope it ends soon.

Not a bad first week but quite sick from Sunday 10th onwards again.

Mon July 4th: 10km beach run at the Gold Coast
Tue 5th:          11km easy grass run
Wed 6th:         15km Narrabeen Lake - felt pretty good actually
Thur 7th:         9km not that great. Fell apart. Sick again
Fri 8th:            AM: 6km slow, PM: 12km with 3 sets of 6min/3min fartlek (1min between each) 3:30 pace for the total 33mins.
Sat 9th:            27km easy long run - struggled at the end
Sun 10th:         No run
Total: 90km

Mon 11th:       6km with running client (6min pace)
Tue 12th:        Easy 7km
Wed 13th:      6km with running client (6min pace)
Thur 14th:      No run
Fri 15th:         10km easy
Sat 16th:         20km with 2 x 3.5km white fences in 3.40 pace.
Sun 17th:        No run.
Total: 49km

During the week, Greta organised for Julius Achon - Ugandan Olympic middle distance runner to attend our Thursday speed session. And wow what a turnout - over 40 of our regulars turned up to run with Julius and hear about his youth, making the Olympics and also the wonderful work Love Mercy is doing for the communities and families of Uganda. Check out our site should you wish to donate or get involved.

Training camps planned:

Nov 25th -28th: The Entrance/ Long Jetty
April 13th - 17th 2017: The Red Centre (Alice Springs to Uluru)
Sept 2017: France - Pyrenees training camp, Bordeaux wine marathon

Again check out the website or email me to register your interest.

We've also almost offloaded all 50 of our brand new ICG - rejoov runners tops ad we're hoping to order some more bright Orange and Red ones soon.

Finally Rejoov will have a marquee post City to surf sponsored by Taylors Wines so please feel free to drop by, have a very nice drop of vino or bubbles and uber it home. Or just stay and kick on with me!

See you out there

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Gold Coast Half Marathon

Two weeks worth of blog today. I was still battling the effects of my sickness last week and as such didn't really train the house down. These periods of lighter workload waiting to race can drag on. As runners we often feel more comfortable with the training phase than the taper/racing phase so it's a good idea to continually assess and reassess this with each race so to determine the best possible balance of tapering well whilst maintaining that fit feeling in that last week. The general rule of thumb with tapering is drop off the volume and keep some degree of intensity. So instead of 80-100km for the week with 3 fast speed sessions, you'd drop this down to 60-80km a week out and do 2 fast sessions, then the week of, dropping that again to 30-50km with an 80% pace shorter speed workout early in the week and some simple light jogs thereafter.

 For me with the Gold Coast Half marathon approaching, I was in the position of recovering from sickness so the mileage was low anyway. The sessions weren't fantastic but I had run the central coast half reasonably ok considering so I just needed to maintain a little momentum and see what panned out.

So I lined up on Sunday in the Gold Coast half marathon with a bunch of Rejoov Runners and HuRTs guys and girls and the conditions were perfect. I was toying with the idea of not wearing a watch (as per Tom's strategy) and when sitting on the plane I realised that the Garmin was still on charge at home, the decision was an easy one. And it worked! I've never done it before especially in a road race. I felt naked without the watch but quickly adapted as we bolted off. I was running freely and actually a tad too fast but didn't care. I was there to race, and race I did.

My pace was too quick early on and unfortunately I slowed a bit after 4-5km. I dropped off Barts at 4km and Neil joined me at 6km. I was feeling a bit sick in the stomach and was in a brief bad patch so Neil made the successful jump across to a group  a little ahead that I also needed to be in. But without the watch, I just kept the head up and punched on concentrating hard on maintaining that intense feeling of racing. I went through the 10km mark at 33:12 (they had a clock) so straight away I new I was bang on where I wanted (well 12secs too slow but all good). Neil was just under 33mins and Barts further under than that. The turnaround happens soon after just before 11km and it's from there that the race really begins. Groups from behind start mounting their attack, those in front try to forge further ahead with me in the middle chasing and defending all at once. And I managed to defend better than usual. A few guys came past here and there but I responded and went with them. A couple just had way too much energy in the tank and ran on but I enjoyed the small battles quickly forming with those around me. This included Cassie Fien who surged and gapped me by approx. 20metres. An old training mate Anthony Craig was also right on me and I on him. We tussled back and forth before I managed a winning surge. And also 50-80m back was ole mate from the Canberra Half (see Canberra Times post) who in that race, confidently commentated to a spectator his passing of me into 2nd place that day. Still chasing Cassie, I rounded the last corner where it's a 1400m stretch for home. The 20km mark clock showed 67:43 which was under my goal of 68mins but a bit slower than I was hoping given the way I thought I was running. At least it would be a sub 72mins for sure which hadn't happened for a while. I just kept pushing and surging. I had been closing in on Neil a bit but ran out of road to reel both him or Cassie in finishing a few seconds behind her to record 71:25 and coming 34th overall. Ole mate finished 30secs or so back which kind of made my day that little bit sweeter (not usually that petty but he started it!!)
I'm glad I didn't wear a watch. It was good to simply race the course and the people and not my Garmin that usually shows me that my average pace is slowing and thus throws me off mentally. I intend to do this again at the City to Surf in my bid to break 46mins again.
Every one of my online guys and girls ran a PB in the half. Ruth, Sonya, Elle, Himanshu, Nick and Bruce all edged or smashed their previous bests. Couldn't ask for any more than that. In the marathon JC (John Clothier) ran a great race but fell 2mins shy of his sub 2:50 goal. Still a fantastic run which included a toilet stop.
 JC on track at the 26km mark
My two training mates Barts and Neil both ran out of their skin to record some great times. Barts ran a massive 50sec PB to record 69:25 and Neil 70:52. I have a reasonably good chance of bridging the gap to Neil but 2mins to Barts - wow that's going to be tough. Wish he and Tom would take 3mths off and make it fair for me. (Tom smashed through the 32min barrier on Sat at the GC running 31:35 and knocking my road PB from Nth Head off by 1sec). Those two are getting way too close to my overall PBs for my liking.
All the Rejoov runners up there also ran so well inspiring the rest of the squad to plan this race as a must on their 2017 calendar. Special mention to Juny who twisted her ankle in an aero boxing class in Phuket but via a very careful and diligent recovery process, still lined up and ran 3:38 in the marathon. Amazing after seeing her hobbling around 4 weeks ago.
In my personal opinion when it comes to running a PB, the 3 main distance objectives usually are the 10km, the half and the full. I would do your 10km race at either the Sydney 10km (May) or Launceston (June), your half at the Gold Coast (July) and your full at Melbourne (Oct).  Or head overseas and spend a few months travelling around and racing.
Yeah right......... back to reality for me!
My diary isn't great reading really but here it is:
Mon 20th June: 15km - 4:45 pace. Legs sore from Central Coast half
Tue 21st: 16km total with 8 x 5min at 3/4 pace. Legs even more sore
Wed 22nd: 5km. Crashed. Parked at CP and ran a white fence and a lake feeling dreadful. Sickness has returned.
Thur 23rd: 11km in Canberra around the lake. Very cold and windy but I ran my 8x400m with 200m float with the wind and scored a 15:52 as a result. Ok not too bad.
Fri 24th: AM: easy 7km in Canberra (2deg)  PM: 5km Coogee coast slow
Sat 25th: Long run 20km with a 10km tempo with Laura James in 40mins. Felt pretty good.
Sun 26th: 9km steady (4:20 pace) Coogee coast
Total 88km for the week.
Mon 27th: 10km easy CP
Tue 28th: 10km with 5 x 600m reps in 1:51/2's. Ran these along the white fence on grass and it felt a little sluggish. Not pumped for Sunday at this stage.
Wed 29th: 10km very easy 4:50 pace
Thur 30th: 8km again around 4:45 pace
Fri 1st July: 6km with 4 x 1min on, 1min off - these felt ok. Starting to get my head around the half marathon this Sunday but still coughing a lot.
Sat 2nd: 20min jog along the beachfront at Surfers bumping into my brother Pete then Elle, Jac, LJ and Aidan. Probably 4km max (no watch)
Sun 3rd: Gold Coast Half. Total 23km. Not much of a warm up for a change. Barts' influence.
Total 71km for the week.
It wouldn't be a Gold Coast weekend without the Sunday afternoon session at the Broadbeach surfclub followed by cheap beers at an Irish pub. Fun weekend all round. Great to see Rejoover Lisa Sherman along for a drink with us as well after her marathon that morning.
ICG (Internal Consulting Group) - you may have seen the new logo on our new NB singlets.
The Running Company Bondi Beach - Todd  has your next running shoe ready for you at a special Rejoov Runners rate.
New Balance as always. Long time supporters of Greta and I.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Bounce Back

Happy to announce that by mid week, my illnesses were finally beginning to disappear. Managed to get some anti-biotics, nasal sinus rinse, decongestant and who knows what else I inhaled but I was running okay by Thursday/Friday, then decided to jump in a half marathon at Woy Woy on Sunday. Dad lives up there so it was good to tie in a visit and potentially use this half as a long run without any stress etc of racing it.

Well just read on for more on that pipe dream.......

Mon 13th June: No run today. Spent the public holiday in bed all day. Watched Game of Thrones on my iPhone. Not exactly the same viewing experience but I wasn't moving - even to the lounge room.

Tue 14th: Slow 5km morning jog PM: slow evening 10km jog - sluggish but not foul

Wed 15th: 15km around Concord hospital. Great off road / footpath track circumnavigating the various bays around there finishing at the Kokoda Memorial and return. Feeling a lot better today.

Thur 16th: AM: 10km CP with 6 x 500m reps between 1:39 (1st one) and 1:31 (most of the others)
PM: 6km jog along the coogee coastline.

Fri 17th: Nothing really unless you can count approx. 100m worth of jogs back and forth for another TV commercial I managed to snag thanks to James Masters. Owe you a case of beer James. Let me know if you read this and I'll pay up.

Meanwhile a little earlier at lunch, Greta took out the women's division of the City Mile Dash. Congrats G. Well done to her team as well - Sonya, Simon and Matt for their great result.

Sat 18th: 8km steady (4:20 pace). Felt pretty good. Tomorrow may not be that bad after all.

Sun 19th: Bay to Bay half marathon. Great conditions greeted us at the start line. No super storm as of yet, 15 deg, no wind and no rain. Just Marty Dent returning again for the cash. I can't complain, I saw the numbers $100/$750/$500 and last year's times and thought I could snatch at least 3rd place without suffering too much.

No princess of Thailand this half marathon thankfully so the gun went and suddenly there was 4 of us. No idea who the other two were. We bowled up past Dad's place (800m) with me just on Marty's back (which felt good for that brief period), and David Manwaring who I had heard of but never met. At the time I had no idea who both the others were but David went with Marty and I ran alongside the other guy (who apparently has just emigrated from Scotland to the Central Coast). We passed 1km in 3:12, the second in 3:11, the third in 3:14 then I was spent. Oh well only 18km to go. These guys weren't slowing and I already had a healthy lead over 4th. "I'll at least secure an age category placing - bla bla bla" all going through my head. I was happy to just be out there running fast again. First time really since my Phuket half 2 weeks prior.

10km came and went in 33:50. Darren Moyle was approx. 45 secs back and seemingly running strong. I knew he didn't fade like I do so I had to keep the intensity up otherwise I'd be caught. But again, his race went astray with a loo stop and that was that. The other guy he was running with still lingered though. Further back was Andy Heyden who was having troubles staying on course but running strongly enough. The course consisted of 3-4 hill climbs (100-200m), and a lot of twists and turns on footpath, grass and access roads. Not fast but plenty of opportunity to get into a rhythm on some flat stretches.

The last hill climb over the Gosford bypass bridge came and went and I knew 4th place was secure. Bitter sweet as I felt I had run well but was way out of the money. The first 3 guys were 3-5 mins ahead. I came in at the 73:39 mark equal to Canberra 2 mths ago. Darren soon after with Andy after him. My sister Jenny came 5th overall in 91mins which is another great step forward with her comeback. Well done J.

Total for the day 24km. Total for the week: 78km

Next week (or this current week as I type) I start a nutrition program with Charlene Cassie (BENEFIT NUTRITION). I have NEVER remotely considered a program like this before as it would restrict me and annoy me I thought. But after getting food poisoning and also in signing up for Melb marathon, I wanted to give it a decent shot all round.

And Charlene's plan is actually achievable. She subscribes to the 80/20 rule as a general way to guide good food to naughty stuff. 2 alcohol free days a week (Mon and Tue), one less coffee (so 1-2 now), and I have even made my own toasted muslie (something I thought I was physically incapable of). Want proof??

<<<<< here!

100km week this week coming and a little less the following as I prepare for my 6th half marathon (Gold Coast) in 11weeks. Also something I normally wouldn't recommend for those I coach to do.

Thanks guys.


A special mention of thanks firstly to The Running Company Bondi Beach for their valued sponsorship for Rejoov Runners. Todd has come through with discounts for our runners, prizes for monthly awards and is always on hand to provide assistance in fitting the right shoe.

And to Himanshu from HuRTs who's company (INTERNAL CONSULTING GROUP) has also kindly sponsored the next batch of Rejoov Runners singlets. These are New Balance race quality singlets - lightweight and breathable. Cheers Munch.

Till next week, happy training.