Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Melbourne Marathon obituary

Dramatic header I know but it would not have been out of place in Monday morning's newspaper section on the weekend's deaths.

"7.00am - 9.47am. Started his journey hard and fast despite adverse conditions. Did his best to battle through over the mid race crisis and whilst he didn't turn it around entering the later stages, he was determined to the very end. May he Run in Peace now"

My marathon demise was pretty epic. It was fast and it begs the question - is it time to reset the old time expectations now I'm at the ripe old age of 42. Here's a list of excuses off the bat to get it out of the way:

- Hurricane winds - yep behind us occasionally but any runner knows they don't assist us to the level that they hinder us when attacking us from the front.

- Shoes: Went with lighter racing flat style shoes. Could have impacted the legs more

- First 5km in 17:12. Eighteen seconds quicker than planned. Was it over already at 5km?

- Sickness: on and off all winter. Two weeks ago Homebush 10km showed warning signs.

- The marathon hype: the build up is hard not to get sucked into. The marathon stands alone when preparation, mental focus, taper, nutrition, gear etc etc are factored in. We just overthink this distance too much I feel.

- Wrong distance / speed: The 100km I found easier but my pace was 1min slower per km so eating was easier. The marathon at 3:30kms is run on a knife's edge and unfortunately it might be time to bump that goal pacing up.

- Still trying to live the dream. I'm glad I ran under 2:30 way back in 2001. At the time I did not think for a second that it might be the quickest I would record. I have felt (and 5% still do) that there's still a chance of a PB but it's gradually fading.

- Enjoyment: I don't enjoy them. Sorry to say this. You all know I love my running and I especially love racing but the marathon - computer says no!

My taper was pretty much spot on last week. 35km total across 6 short runs. A day off Sat. Flight down, relax, average sleep but everything to plan right up and including the start.

Hoey, Brendan Davies, Alex Rodgers, Neil Pearson and Mick Donges all grouped around me to form the pack we had planned and were hoping would carry us all through to past 30km. 17:12 as mentioned through 5km was too quick but the wind was behind. 34:58 at 10km after battling head winds around Albert Park Lake, then at 14km I slipped off the back. I had already surged once to get back on and that alarm in my head went off as I slipped again. Within 7km to halfway I lost 3mins to the pack - that was the extent of what I was feeling. My half was 77min even and I was thinking, what do I do? Do I turn left and just run back to the finish? Gotta do that anyway so I might as finish the race, show the crew I can battle on and am not just a fair weather runner and hopefully inspire them along the way to run well.

Meanwhile Brucey, Elle, Ruth, Maya, Matt Hutton and the Vonk-o-nator (Robin) were all facing their own struggles. Robin fairing the best by far as he cruised past me just after halfway. He was still on for a PB (sub 2:43) so a glimmering light on a dull day.

On the return stretch from Elwood to St.Kilda, I spotted everyone even my sister Jenny who was running to finish and try to enjoy a full for a change. Elle, Ruth and Maya were separated by 30-40secs each which was frustrating to see. Bruce was with Jeet and had a grimace working well across his face. Robin was gonski way ahead and Matt caught me at the 32km mark. I remember exactly as I said to him "I'm not really leading by example today am I?" to which he tried to motivate us with saying we only had 10km to go.

Only?? I had been in pain since 18km but I wanted to finish and as such just shuffled on even having a few better kms at around 35-38km (4:05-15 each). Meanwhile I wasn't sure what was happening with my original sub 2:30 group. I was positive at least one or two would do it but it was not meant to be. Hoey crossed with another great result 2:32 and the others faded to run 2:36-39. I passed Alex Rodgers at 39km which was little reward as we were both gone. Gary Howard struggling to maintain his supportive chants as he saw our pain, simply saying in the end - "just finish it off" and that's what I did. High fived Liam Adams as I entered the MCG congratulating him on Rio in the process, ran the 250m on the grass and didn't really care less where I was. Could have been the moon the way I was feeling. Then practically fell over the line to join the other Hurts guys already dissecting their race. Great runs from Robin 2:42, Mike Litchwark, John Binfield and Justin Bromley who eased past me without a word at 35km. Also Darren, Jeet and Laura who battled on to finish. Hats off, the marathon is truly the great equaliser.

Besides Robin, none of my guys and girls ran a PB. Not many did, The winning time by Tom DoCanto

You have to take the good with the bad. Time to move on and get some speed back over summer. Try out some cross training perhaps (swimming and cycling) and enjoy a break from dedicated races.

There were plenty of others racing the half (Sammy Johnson running well), Rachel, Cormac, Corky,Tom, Erika etc and the 10km, Juny and Scotty O'Connor also running sub par to record 32:30.

Mileage for the week 78km

Here's the pictorial wrap of the day including a fun afternoon at the European Bier café in Melb CBD.

Easy few weeks for me coming up.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Melborune Marathon - taper time

Still slightly sick with sinus issues but the anti-biotics seem to be clearing it slowly. The plan for Melbourne is 74-75mins through halfway depending on how comfortable this feels. Ideally sub 2:30 is still the goal so it will need to be an even split which I have basically never done before let alone a negative split. (ironic how a faster 2nd half is called negative with my usual outcome called positive - nothing positive about it).

This week will be 70km in total so along way down from those 160km weeks. Also ironic how I was healthy the entire 3 weeks then as soon as I dropped, bang sickness again. I think Neil Pearson and Brendan Davies may be onto something with just racing a marathon every other week. Saves the overthinking, and the mentally taxing build up. Not ideal for the body though.

This week including tomorrow looks like this: Oct 3rd - 9th

Mon: 10km at 4:05's feeling pretty good
Tue: 12km HuRTs session with 6 x 3min efforts mostly around the 3:10 pace mark. Very busy around the botanic gardens. JFen, Darren Moyle, and Brendan keeping me honest.
Wed: 10km at 4:25's
Thur: 8km with 2min efforts
Fri: 5km along the promenade at Surfer's Paradise (quick work trip)
Sat: Main Beach Park run. Had a big buffet dinner that didn't end till after 10pm last night so didn't sleep much at all and with the sun up at practically 3am up here, woke early and with a full stomach. Went through all the motions and jogged up to the start, stretched out my tight hammies and hips and got into it. Fast to start with a young rabbit on the footpath - 3:08, then the concrete turned to trail with dirt, gravel and soft sand plus a few little climbs, oh and no idea where I was going. Guessed correctly but faded to a 3:26 for the 2nd km. The 3rd km was rougher 3:30 before I managed to reel it back in a bit as the trail hardened up 3:20, and finally a fast last footpath km in 3:10 for 16:35. Total 15km which will act as my long ish run this weekend.
Sun: 10km with the CP crew to make 70km for the week.

Next week 30-40km easy and we'll see how Sunday goes.

Greta raced a splash n dash type biathlon during the week with Spot Anderson's squad. Wow talk about tough - 500m ocean swim, 800m (approx.) soft sand run, 500m swim, 800m run then a 3rd 500m swim.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Miserable Man Flu

It's a very short one this week. Yet again I have been struck down with a head cold that saw me fail in last Sat's striders 10km being the one lead up race I wanted to nail before Melbourne. Starting to come good and feel like I should be healthy come race day but it does mess with the mental game associated with final marathon preparations.

Mon Sept 26th: AM: Easy 9km (5min pace) PM: 10km at 4:15 pace
Tue 27th: 13km total - Monna Fartlek in CP. Same course as always but quite short of last time. Just made the 6km mark on 20mins but with the onset of a cold and the high winds I may have been too hard on myself.
Wed 28th: AM: 6km coastal run. PM: In bed sick
Thur 29th: Easy 10km at 4:40 pace
Fri 30th: Easy 8km at 4:30 pace. Actually starting to feel slightly better
Sat 1st Oct: Woke up not feeling too crash hot but I know from experience that after a coffee, the drive, a warm up and strides that great races still eventuate so I went through all these motions and arrived on the start line pumped, snotty but ready to race.

Straight out of the gate with Scotty O'Connor the only other person to go with me. My whole sense of pace judgement must have also been off (more than usual that is) as I twisted and turned my way around the carpark and through to the 1km mark in 3:02. Ouch a tad fast but what the hell, Scotty was right there and so I thought we could push through the wind together on this course. But this was not meant to be. Scott surged past at 2km and I caught him just once before he again pushed away convincingly and ran on well. I was the opposite. I blew completely at 3-4km and managed to hold between 3:25-3:30's all the way to the end to record 34:14 over a minute behind Scotty.

Robin finished just behind with Neil not so fresh off his Berlin marathon (6days) after him. Another well organised race by Paul Hannell and the Striders crew. Total 18km

Sun 2nd Oct: Descended again after the race and awoke feeling crap. Waited a few hours then went out for a 10miler at midday in the warmth. Feeling very lethargic and wobbly. Bugger
Total for the week 90km.

Here's hoping with less than 2 weeks to go.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Three weeks to go!

With just 3 short weeks until I line up in Melbourne for my first attempt in two years since the same event, I'm feeling quite relaxed still. I'm very realistic about what's involved with marathon preparation and then the actual day and just what has to all come together to achieve a great result. I'm very hopeful. I feel like I'm on track. Perhaps a few weeks too short in my prep having been sick for all those weeks in June & July but with a decent taper and the right conditions I'll be pushing for that 2:29:44 PB done in Berlin in 2001.

I have two weeks of training to update. Post the three weeks of 160km was an easier week that ended with a few days skiing in Thredbo with Barts and his family and a mate Errol and his girl. The legs held up well on the slopes and no injuries occurred so all good there. Even managed a couple of runs around the village in the afternoon.

Mon 12th Sept: AM: 6km coastal jog  PM: 14km steady Centennial Park in 4:20's  (20km)
Tue 13th: HuRTs 10 x 5min session with 90sec break. I ran the extra 2 reps beforehand and joined up with Muz, JFen, Jerome, Quentin and Barts to run the remaining 8 efforts. This was tough. I was coming off a 39km long run two days earlier and my legs were shattered already. My stomach was also playing up and as a result one rep was cut a minute short whilst I shot into a loo. Most reps were between 3:13 and 3:20 pace which was solid but finally the 10th rep cracked me and JFen sailed off into the distance as I struggled to maintain 3:30 pace. Even walked half my cool down back to the car. Total (20km)
Wed 14th: AM: 6km easy jog  PM: 14km easy. Legs gonski  (20km)
Thur 15th: Easy 10km recovery pace
Fri 16th: 25km long run in Canberra. Legs still sore. Tuesday has really taken it's toll.
Sat 17th: 11km posy skiing along the Thredbo river trail.
Sun 18th: Rest day. Finally succumbed to having a day off after many weeks.
Total for the week: 106km

 Good to have Barts' measure on the slopes. Jaden just happy to kiss Olef and ski with Dad.

And there were only 14 other similar Aldi jackets floating around. Felt like a little secret Aldi tribe of tight arses.

 Thanks for the great company and food guys. This is how you make a fire mate!

 Kroney was in the village and invited us to take him on at table tennis. Badluck mate. Great fun though.

Back in Sydney and have brought a cold back with me thanks to sick kids and grandparents. Didn't mess around so started popping anti biotics which did the trick and within 48hrs the cold was gone. The drive home with the cold was tiring so had to have another day off.
Mon 19th: 12km in Thredbo with a fast finish. Average 4:15's.
Tue 20th: Rest day. Recovery day.
Wed 21st: 15km easy - 4:30's in CP
Thur 22nd: Tough CP session in the wind and rain. 5 x 4km efforts with 3min jog between. All 5 reps were run in 3:28 average so absolutely pumped with this after being sick for a few days. Total run was 26km and yep - legs shattered again.
Fri 23rd: AM: 5km very slow on coogee oval  PM: 7km coastal run again slow. Long run tomorrow. Not sure how this is going to go after yesterday so stretching, taking magnesium etc to prepare.
Sat 24th: Manly long run - 35km pushing the last 5km in 3:30-40's. Legs sore the whole way but functioning well still. Good confidence boost.
Sun 25th: 20km in CP with Hurts and Rejoov runners. Felt pretty good actually.
Total for the week 120km

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

100 mile trifecta

It's been a tough 3rd week of 160km but the body has held up quite well considering I have never done more than 3 weeks over 150km in a row before (and even that was a one off 15yrs ago).

Not much other than running to report from the last week. But I was contacted by a race director in China asking if I would be interested in a free trip (flights, accom & entry) to compete in a 100km trail race in one of the provinces in the north. Never been to mainland China so it was tempting. The race profile looked incredibly hard but something I've done before. However it is scheduled for next Sat 23rd Sept so an immediate deal breaker. It has sparked an interest in contacting some of these Asian race organiser though for future events.

This last week was a real confidence booster having survived the first week and consolidating with a 2nd big week. Yes I realise that 160km to some is not a major life achievement but boy - personally it feels a lot harder than 120/130km that's for sure.

Mon 5th Sept: AM: 8km coastal jog - slow (probably over 5min pace, I wasn't awake)
PM: 12km again average pace down. Legs pretty shattered but still carrying me around ok. (20km)

Tue 6th: AM: 8km coastal jog  PM: 22km session. 4 x 4km marathon paced efforts (3:28-3:30) with 3mins jog between. 18km session in 65mins. 2km warm up and cool down. (30km)

Wed 7th: AM: 14km to Sth Maroubra and back at 4:30 pace  PM: 8km in the park steady @4:15's. (22km)

Sonya's 40th birthday dinner at the very tasty Mr Wongs. Cheers Munch.

Wed 10pm - fly out straight from dinner for Melbourne.

Thur 8th: AM: 6km jog around Lake Albert in Melbourne. Very tired after arriving after midnight. 5mins per km  PM: 14km along St Kilda beach. The plan was to try for some 2km efforts but it was just so windy I just sauntered along managing to finish with an average of 3:58. Felt okay finally which was nice. Relaxed on the couch in the hotel watching the Bachelor when I should have been watching the first AFL final apparently.  (20km)

Fri 9th: 10km easy around the tan a couple of times. Legs stuffed. No more running today.

Sat 10th: 36.5km with the Manly boys and Elle. Great run averaging 4:30's before kicking it down for the last 10km in 37mins. Total time 2:32 averaging 4:16s. Top running from Craig McCredie as he embarks on a big European trip starting with the Berlin Marathon. And also Elle who smashed out 37km in 4:30 average which is not too many seconds per km above what she needs to do in Melb. On fire Elle.

Happy birthday Tom. Hope to catch you soon.

Sun 11th: 21.5km with the CP Hurts guys and girls. Great turnout with JFen and Ray leading the charge. Felt quite good actually and managed to bring the pace down over the last few kms to finish in around 4:25 average.

Total for the week: 160km

Beer of the week. Labi Italian beer who are based out of Marrickville and only stock in limited shops so far. We tried some at the recent Coogee food and wine festival and were very impressed. This one is an amber ale but at 6% it packs quite a punch. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Another solid week (Aug 29 - Sep 4)

Melbourne Marathon is just six weeks away and some would suggest that I am almost cramming with these big weeks but the aim is to do just 3 x 160km weeks. This current 3rd week has already started a little light so it could be a tough ask to round out this smaller block before I have an easier week.

It is usually suggested that any increase to weekly mileage be limited to 10% jumps at most. I have been very comfortable given time and health with 130km weeks for quite a while so these last two have been jumps of closer to 23-24% which is a risk I know. I'm hoping that if I can hang in there for this 3rd 160km week, come down for an easier week then put in a couple of 140-150km weeks before the taper, I may just have enough strength to lodge a serious tilt at my 2:29:44 marathon PB in Melbourne. Added to the fact that there are a few guys targeting sub 2:30 may mean a good pack at least till 25km hopefully. The problem often is that everyone seems to have different strategies. We know Hoey (Michael Ho) jogs the first half then powers home really well. A lot of confidence there with the back half. I have normally gone out hard and tried to hang on to limit the back half fade. With Melbourne I may try and hit middle of the road with those two opposing strategies.

Last week included just one speed session of sorts as the mileage took precedent. But it also involved a longer long run with tempo effort which was good strength building.

Mon 29th Aug: AM: 6km coastal run - 5min kms  PM: 16km CP run at 4:30's. Legs a little ginger but recovering from the previous Sat 37km struggle.  (22km)
Tue 30th: AM: 6km coastal run - 5min kms  PM: Sessions: Cent Park white fence. 4 x 3.6km white fences at 3:28-30 pace with 3min jog between each. Felt in control for all but the last 1km of the last one. Long session incl warm up etc 22.5km  (28.5km)
Wed 31st: AM: 6km coastal run  PM: 12km only. Was originally meant to race the Coastal Classic this Sat and decided to reduce the Wed mileage a bit to allow some freshness to creep in. (18km)
Thur 1st Sep: Coastal Classic cancelled (postponed) due to the doom and gloom weather forecast. NPWS obviously didn't want us wreaking havoc on their trails. AM: 7km coastal run
PM: 15km progressive tempo. Started very easy and finished at only 4min kms but feeling better.
Fri 2nd: AM: 7.5km  PM: 6km  - both very easy and both in very wet miserable weather. (13.5km)
Sat 3rd: AM: 39km long run at Manly. Met Muz and Craig McCredie at Manly Pool and covered 22km between 5:20am and 7am which was when the Striders Nth Head 10km started. I entered and jumped on the start line late to keep momentum going with my run. There was a group of us running alongside Barts who was the 35min pacer including JFen, Macca and others. Even my ole mate Paul Arthur was back and tailing us nearby early on. The wind picked right up but there was no rain to be seen. Quite mild actually. So much for the forecast.

Barts as usual was missing the km markers on pace as I drifted ahead of his group before he realised what was happening and surged. This dropped most of the pack except JFen who hung on well and then went with Barts as I faded slightly at the 8km mark. Barts crossed on target, Jfen around 35:15 and me in 35:27 before heading straight down the hill via Shelly Beach and back to the car for a very tiring but satisfying 39km.

The B&E roll tasted incredible. Too bad the next 30mins involved changing my flat tyre. The hardest part was trying  not to cramp crouching down.

Sun 4th: AM: 17km with the Eastside guys. LJ was powering along doing 32km of her own. Nick, Craig, Birchy, Jerome, Ant, Jac, Hoey, Renee and a few others all helped to get me through my backup run at 4:30's to round out 160km for the week.

But then the Warrior fun run was on at the same time and Greta managed a win in sub 40mins looking strong despite some recent ankle problems. At 10:30am the kids 2km started and Jaden really wanted Dad to run with him. So off we went with mum in tow as well. And sure enough, we ended up racing another little boy and his dad. Jaden would sprint ahead, then walk, sprint, go to the toilet behind a tree, and so on. The other boy ran it evenly and looked to be gaining ground before also having to take a pit stop late in the 2km. But it was all about Jaden being able to gain confidence and have fun with Dad on Father's Day. I couldn't have been prouder.


The reward

So two weeks down - 160km and 162km. Hopefully I can replicate this week. Off to Melb for a few days so I might be tougher time wise.

Have a great week.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Back to Back weeks of 100

I blame Tom Highnam......... but more on that later.

The week post City to Surf was all about recovery. That race might only be 14kms but we must respect the effect it has on your whole body. Everyone wants to run fast, so they usually wear racing flats and as such the steep downs can do a lot of impact damage whilst the uphills take care of the already sore hammies. So recovering from this event is similar to that after a half marathon - even 25km trail event.

I'll race through it:

Mon 15th Aug: 8km slow
Tue 16th: 10km probably even slower
Wed 17th: AM: 14km  PM: 6km both still easy pace but legs gradually waking up again.
Thur 18th: AM: 5km  PM: 9km incl a half Monna which still highlighted some sore spots.
Fri 20th: 19th 8km coogee coastal run
Sat 21st: 35km long run with the NOTB guys from Manly / Narra lake and back. Ran reasonably easy most of the way averaging approx. 4:28-30 for the first 25km before what is usually a faster 10km finish off the lake through Cromer and Dee Why and back to Manly. I tried to chase Tom and Craig Mc and was slowly closing in when they decided to turn back and pick me up. Found out they were only doing a 5km tempo. I was keen to finish so I kept pushing and at times struggled to dip under 4min kms. But finished strong in an average of 4:22 overall (approx. 39mins for the last 10km). Good to get another strong one under the belt for Melb.
Sun 22nd: 5km slow and sluggish.

Total 100km

So where to next. Melbourne Marathon and that's it. The question I have been asking myself is whether I am prepared to give the training a shake to try and push for a PB (2:29:44). My training back then (2001) was 120km per week but I was younger. Now although I am stronger and more resilient, I'm also a little lazier than I was. Training is about convenience as much as hard work and it is actually getting harder to nail key tough sessions when I do them by myself.

So in needing something to grab onto for Melbourne I decided to have a crack at higher weekly mileage.

Back to Tom Highnam. If he had failed at Gold Coast in the 10km or in the City to Surf perhaps, I may have convinced myself that it was okay to just cruise along and accept the natural decline in speed at my ripe old age of 42. But nooooooo, Tom wasn't content on letting me think that was he??

Instead he decided to just eclipse his 10km PB and beat my road PB (by just a sec) to run 31:35 at the Gold Coast. And then back it up with a smashing 45:30 at the City to Surf which again smashed his own and my PB.

So the fighter in me has ignited. Sickness now aside, cold weather easing, I'm ready and as such have just laid down my first 100mile / 160km week in well over 10yrs. Obviously it remains to be seen how this will affect me but as I lie here on the couch on Sunday evening, I'm feeling quite good and ready for my morning run tomorrow.

Mon 22nd Aug: AM: 17km at 5min pace  PM: 10km at 4:20's  (27km)

Tue 23rd AM: 5km coogee coast  PM: HuRTs 14 x 3mins. This was okay but I couldn't go faster than 3:20's throughout. Got through it for only the 2nd time ever. 18km  (23km)

Wed 24th AM: 20km - Maroubra / CP in the rain. Ugly but it only got uglier during the day.
PM: 8km in a moment of dry weather. (28km)

Thur 25th : AM: 5km coogee coast PM: HuRTs session Monna Fartlek. Met JFen, Scotty, Hamish and Jerome for a really tough intense Monna from Barangaroo to the OS passenger terminal, back to B/roo and then back out again towards the OS terminal. Scotty and I launched and we went head to head for the whole 20mins swapping leads in the efforts with me pushing the floats just a tad faster perhaps to keep with the design of the session. We went through 5km in 16min even and ended the 20mins with 6.3km which is an average of 3:12 for the 20mins. Good confidence booster this one. Total 17km with longer cool down (22km)

Fri 26th: AM: 12km easy - 4:30's. Felt quite sluggish and sore from yesterday but good to have just one run today.

Sat 27th: AM: 37km long run. I had stayed o/night with my mate Errol nearby so it was an easy jog start down to the pool to meet the Manly lads for the out and back to Shelley beach before the 6:15am starting time for the Narrabeen 29km loop. Macca was in fine form and looking fresh all day. Robin seemingly cruising as usual, Tom looking like he could have used a few more hours of sleep and Barts who came out of a 2 week retirement post C2S to resurrect his running career. Also added into the mix was Scotty, Craig McCredie, Brucey Lambert who is also training for Melb and in great form and then the solo female warrior, Elle Goldrick who is a machine - no more needed! 36 big ones for her - boom!

The pace early was ok. Approx 4:30 down to 4:25's before the fast finish marker where Macca, Craig & Robin took off. Hats off. That was me a few weeks ago but not today. I was gonski. Stuck with Tom, Barts and Scotty for as long as I could whilst Bruce spent 4-5km 20metres behind us telling us to go ahead. Eventually those other 3 did and I was stuck between them and Bruce and not feeling great in the legs. Energy wise, all good. Charlene's Bliss ball recipe (made by my darling wife Greta) helped alongside the gels but alas the monna fartlek from Thursday was there and I could only drag my sorry arse along. I had wanted to do 38km, desperately wanted to finish at 36km and so settled on 37km (running 500m with Bruce before returning to Errol's and an excited Jaden).

PM: This counts ok! 2km from Dad's at Woy Woy in my gear incl Garmin, sunnies, the works, down to BWS to buy a bottle of wine and back.  (39km)

Sun 28th: Awoke at Dad's feeling great. My little lad was snuggling up to me, I had gone to bed at 8pm with him and simply stayed there so was well rested, and well I had no long run to do. Between me and my 160km goal was 9 little kms. Easy as. Well the problem was getting Jaden to release me from his clingy mood for 30 odd minutes.

Enter the iPad of course. So I bolted and simply kept that pace throughout. Nothing major planned, simply the pace I left Jaden out the front gate. Suddenly I was at the 4.5km turn around in 4min average and well actually feeling rather good. I'm not sure if it's the L-Gutamine that Char has me taking post runs or the extra sleep but I returned well and finished the 9km in 3:58 average. Given how I finished yesterday and the week I had had, I was very pleased. (9km)

160km for the week.

Looks a lot. Not to some perhaps reading this but for me it is. The jump from 130km (normal big week) felt considerably more than 30kms sounds but I'm not broken and I'm pumped to try and replicate it whilst also allowing for the Coastal Classic 30km next Sat. Not a major race for me but I don't want it to hurt too much so I think Thursday will be a double run without session.

Meanwhile Greta had a leave pass over the weekend with Maya and Rachel in Nelson Bay and the girls managed to take out the first 3 places in the Fingal Bay park run. Well done girls.

And a huge run by online Rejoover Matt Hutton whom I have been coaching for 3mths now and who won today's Lake Macquarie Half marathon (his home turf) in a PB 75:37. The best part was that we had decided not to do a full taper keeping Melb Marathon in mind so the legs were not as fresh as they could have been. Well done Mutton. Have to get you into a Rejoov singlet next time.

Thanks for reading guys. I really do enjoy posting as much as I do training and competing so please feel free to reach out for a chat anytime. Happy to help.

Finally, we are holding a training camp up at the Entrance over the last weekend of November. This weekend also coincides with the Central Coast half marathon / 10km so there's a choice for Sunday morning. Check it out at

If this is not for you and if you have never ventured into Australia's unbelievable Red Centre, then look past the Entrance to our Alice Springs, Kings Canyon, Uluru camp next Easter. This 4 night extravaganza of sights, tastes and fitness is not to be missed. Message Greta or me for more details.

Happy running.